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Features & Benefits

How Can We Do Care Benefit you and your Family?

No Insurance, No Problem!

Insurance can be expensive. Picking the right insurance can be challenging. Making sure you and your family has the right coverage can be a challenge as well.  With We Do Care, you have an easy monthly flat rate and you can get the same world-class care that expensive insurances provide.  

A More Simplified Process 

Most new patients have to provide their health information prior to being seen - They come in and have to fill out forms in office, taking time away from their appointment to be seen. We streamlined the process, where prior to your appointment, you can fill out the proper information ahead of time.

No DL, SS, ID? No Problem.

You should not be limited to getting the medical attention you need.  Here at we do care, we are most concerned with you getting the care you need without the headache of having the accredited papers. As long as you have the membership, you can receive care. 

We take pride in our practices

We care about the service you get, from the cleanliness of the facilities, to the interaction with our staff to the interaction with your doctor.  We want to make sure it is all at the top of industry standards. We are conveniently located.  We aim to go above and beyond when it comes to the help you receive and the care given to you. 

A Plan for everybody

At We Do Care, we have the coverage you want for you and your family. You can start your membership and get seen right away. There is no lag time in between the time you get started and the time you receive benefits. These benefits can be used at multiple practices as well as at select pharmacies and specialists in south Florida.

The Right Health Services are a click away

At We Do Care, we want to streamline your service so you can get the attention you need fast and without hassle. You can come into any of our No-Hassle facilities here in South Florida and experience our world-class service. 

We Do Care

See for yourself. Sign up Today.

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